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Most gardeners are well aware of the dramatic growth benefits of adding worm castings to the soil. Another amazing advantage that is not as well known is the pest control provided by this product. This seems to work in several ways. For one- all the wonderful beneficial microbes, micronutrients, and minerals will boost the plant's natural immunity, making it more resistant to insect pests and disease. The other aspect is an enzyme in worm castings called 'chitinase'. Chitinase degrades or breaks down chitin, which is the substance that forms the exoskeleton of many soft-bodied insects. Trees or plants will take up the chitinase from the worm castings, then when the insects ingest plant material, the chitinase begins to work and actually degrades the insect pests! Ann Ralph (the author of Grow a Little Fruit Tree) has recommended worm castings to hundreds of customers to use under trees with various problems. This 'black gold' is very nutrient dense and a little bit will go a long way. Top dress a 1cm (¼-½") layer under the tree out to the drip line, once or twice a year. A handful or two in the hole when planting trees is also very beneficial.

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