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Maypops (Passiflora incarnata)
The passionflower family consists of over 500 different species, most of which are native to South America. All are known for exquisite flowers on lush, vigorous vines and super healthful, egg-shaped passionfruit. More than 110 phytochemical constituents have been identified from the different plant parts of the Passiflora, among which flavonoids have the highest concentration. These phytochemicals have anti-oxidant, anti-hypertensive, antitumor, and antidiabetic effects. All these wonderful goodies are part of the Maypop plant, which is the only Passiflora cold hardy enough to be native in North America.
Here in Canada, of course, even in the southern fringe we are pushing the envelope, especially for ripe fruit. They can be grown outdoors here in Zone 5 and 6 in a sheltered full sun location. The vine starts over from the ground every spring so the trick is to cover the roots with a thick layer of mulch. Mature vines can put on over 6m (20’) of growth in a season, so good support is needed.
As authors Levy and Serrano of New York say - ‘These vines are spectacularly beautiful, and any garden would be improved with a trellis of maypop flowers, even if you never got a single fruit!’


Maypop: SNOWPOP™ 1 gallon pot


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