Fertilizer & Soil Amendments

SEA-90® 2.5 kg pail


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Ocean water contains over 90 naturally occurring and naturally balanced minerals and trace elements. Intense solar dehydration removes the water and the resulting sea mineral solids have demonstrated their usefulness in various applications. In over 30 years of agricultural research, it has become clear that soil, crops and livestock will all benefit from this product. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs show increases in vitamin, sugar, and proteins, which translates to richer, fuller flavour. Greater disease and insect resistance have also been seen. A number of master gardeners have been seeking out SEA-90®, so we have made it available for everyone. It can be applied directly on the soil or even fed free choice to your livestock. Possibly the greatest benefit will be realized by dissolving it for foliar spraying, drip irrigation or even in your drinking water. For foliar applications on gardens, fruit trees, or small fruits add 1 teaspoon to 4 litres of water and apply every 7-10 days. SEA-90® can be added to the tank mix if you are using the Organic Spray Kit.