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We are excited to offer a new 100% natural and organic planter starter developed in Canada. It consists of 18 different native species of mycorrhizal fungi and 2 organic bio-stimulants. Mycorrhizae are naturally occurring soil dwelling fungi that attach to roots and greatly increase the uptake of water and nutrients–for life. Because of this, transplant shock and plant failures are significantly reduced.
Four years of testing at the University of Guelph have proven that it works. This wettable powder is easy to mix and use on all deciduous trees, conifers, shrubs, evergreens and perennials. For potted plants the solution can be watered in after planting. However for bareroot planting we highly recommend using it as a root dip. Usage rate is 1.5 gram/L of water. Mix one 22.5 gram packet with 15L water for the root dip solution. This will treat 10-20 trees/shrubs.