Locust : THORNLESS HONEY LOCUST Seedling 30-60cm    (1- 2')


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Honeylocust has feathery, green, fern-like foliage and an open growing habit, allowing sunlight to filter through, making it good for 'two-storey' agriculture. It is one of the nitrogen fixing trees that Stefan Sobkowiak of Quebec, uses in his permaculture orchard (the renowned Miracle Farm). He also uses them for living trellis posts – planting grapes and kiwis beside the tree. Wondrously fragrant spring flowers attract bees and pollinator insects. Seed pods can be used for animal fodder. Fast growing and very hardy, honey locust will grow practically anywhere even in very wet conditions making it useful for erosion control, urban settings or remediation sites. Mature trees can reach 18m (60'). (Gleditsia triancanthos var. inermas)



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