Irrigation So now you have carefully selected your trees or plants and have visions of fresh fruit dancing in your head. What if you happen to hit a dry summer while trying to establish your mini-orchard? Of course, the large scale producers practically all set up some system of irrigation. But for the average backyard grower this seems like a daunting array of water lines and unfamiliar components. For those of you planting a modest number of trees but aiming to make the most efficient use of both time and water, we offer simple, adaptable and economical start-up irrigation kits. Assuming you already have a garden hose or two, the beginning point is our Base Irrigation Kit. You can add either the Berry Add-on Kit, the Tree Add-on Kit or up to 2 of either or both. For more information, check out our Irrigation Instructions in the catalogue section of our website.

Irrigation : BASE KIT


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To ensure trouble free watering, start at your faucet with these components. Contains one 15 psi pressure regulator, one mesh screen filter and one back-flow valve.

Fasten the complete kit (see picture on right) to your water
source. The threads are compatible with any hydrant or
traditional garden hose taps.
Please Note:
1. Always prevent this kit from freezing.
2. Clean out filter screen after every 3rd use.

1. Remove entire kit from your water source to reduce the risk of broken components.
2. Remove filter body by turning main body canister counter
clockwise as shown.
3. Be careful to not lose any O-rings.
4. Remove screen from body canister.
5. Brush inside and outside of screen with a brush (toothbrush) under running water.
6. Re-assemble.