Irrigation So now you have carefully selected your trees or plants and have visions of fresh fruit dancing in your head. What if you happen to hit a dry summer while trying to establish your mini-orchard? Of course, the large scale producers practically all set up some system of irrigation. But for the average backyard grower this seems like a daunting array of water lines and unfamiliar components. For those of you planting a modest number of trees but aiming to make the most efficient use of both time and water, we offer simple, adaptable and economical start-up irrigation kits. Assuming you already have a garden hose or two, the beginning point is our Base Irrigation Kit. You can add either the Berry Add-on Kit, the Tree Add-on Kit or up to 2 of either or both. For more information, check out our Irrigation Instructions in the catalogue section of our website.



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If you live in an area with daily watering restrictions this programmable timer can help you manage an irrigation schedule. The Model B09D can be set for up to 4 start times per day, with watering durations from 1 minute to 13 hours, for any or all days of the week. Comes with easy instructions and a 3 year warranty. 9V battery is not included.