Orchard Spray Kit            

GUARDIAN FOR ORCHARDS (Beneficial Nematodes) 10 Million


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Recent research at Cornell University has confirmed that biological control of plum curculio with certain strains of beneficial nematodes is viable and quite effective. These parasitic nematodes are microscopic worms which occur naturally in soils all around the world. When you apply them (by spraying the ground) they seek out the curculio larvae (which pupate in the soil around the base of the fruit tree,) and feed on them. Whiffletree has partnered with Natural Insect Control to make a blend of the most effective strains of nematodes available to the homeowner. This product is easy to use and detailed instructions are included. Two applications are recommended-on or about July 1 and July 15. It should be applied out to the dripline of the affected trees.

735-2100 10 million pack. Covers 100 sq. ft x 2 $64.95 each