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KDL® 0-1-24 FROST SHIELD 2 litre jug


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Guaranteed Analysis 24% Soluble Potash
Liquid fertilizer for frost damage protection? In this case an emphatic yes! Although this unique, sugar-based potassium product is used extensively in commercial vineyards and orchards to aid in fruit development, it has also been proven to provide some protection when sprayed on the blossoms just before a frost. You know the feeling - your fruit trees are just coming into bloom and the weatherman calls for -2°C. KDL® should ideally be applied 12-48 hours before the frost event.
Bob Purvis and many others have commented on how quickly this product passes into the plant tissue, increasing the potassium and sugar levels and temporarily putting the plant into a more winterized or hardened mode. KDL® gives all of us a tool that can be used quickly, effectively, and inexpensively when our crops are in for a cold bite as temperatures dip as low as -5°C, for a short period. It is designed to enhance plant tolerance to frost, but not against severe or extended freeze events. A single application of KDL® will remain effective for two or more successive nights of frost- If the daytime temperatures stay under 12°C. However, if a frost is followed by two or more days of warmer weather, the potassium will be metabolized by the plant and a second application is required in the event of another frost.

APPLICATION RATE - KDL® should be sprayed at the rate of 100ml/4litres (3oz/gal) water.
Add an equal portion of household vinegar (100ml/4litres) to neutralize the alkalinity of the mix.