Grafting Supplies Apples and pears can either be benchgrafted in March-April or budgrafted in the field in late summer.



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The ability to topwork different varieties onto existing trees opens up all sorts of interesting options for the backyard fruit grower. It is a skill which could be compared to learning to ride a bicycle- after you master a few basics, it is really simple enough for almost anyone to do. Now you can put multiple varieties on a single tree for pollination purposes and / or limited space reasons. You can also rehabilitate a damaged tree, or even piggyback desirable varieties onto a healthy wild or fencerow tree. In many cases you may even harvest some fruit in the following year.
The products in this kit are what we use for doing bark inlay grafts in mid to late spring. With a bit of practice, you should be able to enjoy the same high level of success which we have come to expect.

Kit includes:

1 pc 225 gram block of Argo-Whitney's Grafting Wax
The product is more pliable than other competitor's grafting waxes. When used under normal conditions it does not crack, and will not stick to your hands. One package should be enough for 50 or more grafts. If stored on an airtight container, the shelf life is five years or more.

1 pc roll of white Flagging Tape (1"x 150' x .003" thickness)
Durable, stretchy, and weatherproof tape is perfect for binding and supporting your new grafts until they have grown into place.

And Detailed Instructions