Grafting Supplies Apples and pears can either be benchgrafted in March-April or budgrafted in the field in late summer.

BIOGRAFT GRAFTING TAPE approx 100 mt per roll


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With bench grafting, the critical factor is maintaining maximum pressure on the graft union to ensure a successful bond. We have found this tape to be very effective. It keeps the graft rigid. Apply Bio-Graft™ tape with the adhesive side toward the plant. Approx. 50% stretch is recommended and a minimum of 4 to 5 layers must be applied to your newly grafted stock to produce good callous formation. Bio-Graft™ polyethylene tape will usually unravel itself from the graft union after sufficient callousing has occurred. If the tape is still intact by mid-summer, you should remove it.

Approx. 30 mm x 100 m roll