Copper Spray 500 grams Water Soluable Concentrate


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This is not part of the Orchard Spray Kit, however it can be mixed with the above ingredients for the dormant spray and fall holistic spray if desired. The main reason we offer this form of copper (sulfate pentahydrate) is because it provides the only effective prevention of peach leaf curl approved for certified organic use. Some folks also use Copper Spray as a fungicide to prevent blight in tomatoes and black spot in roses. Be sure to read the label for dosage and precautions.

G41 Dwarf
G935 Small Semi-Dwarf
G969 Small Semi-Dwarf
G30 Semi-Dwarf
G890 Semi-Dwarf
Pollenator definitions
Some trees and many berry plants are SELF-FERTILE ̶means the insect pollinators or even the wind can pollinate the blossoms without the need of a second tree.
NEEDS A POLLENIZER ̶ means another tree of the same type or kind but a different variety must be blooming nearby at the same time.
EXAMPLE A Liberty apple and a Wealthy apple can cross-pollinate. Two trees of the same variety ie: ̶ 2 Wealthy apples, cannot cross pollinate because they are genetically identical.
Other trees are marked as SEMI-FERTILE. These will set fruit without a second tree. However they will often bear more, and sometimes larger fruit if another variety of the same kind of tree is nearby.
You can select 2 different trees of the same kind marked as NEEDS A POLLENIZER or plant one of those along with one SELF-FERTILE or one SEMI-FERTILE. Also consider ripening times ̶ a Goldrush apple might not start blooming before a Pristine is finished.