Pest Control

BOBBEX DEER REPELLENT 1.42 litre RTU sprayer


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Many gardeners have a love/hate relationship with Bambi. It is rather difficult to appreciate the graceful beauty of any creature that has just destroyed your nicely started young trees! Bobbex Deer Repellent is made of meat meal, fish oil, putrescent eggs, garlic, and other naturally occurring ingredients. Although the odour can only be detected for several hours by humans, it lingers for weeks to vex deer noses. Not only do they find the smell obnoxious, the protein taste is horrible too. All natural and environmentally friendly, Bobbex can safely be applied to any and all trees and plants. In fact, this product can prevent winter windburn as well as offsetting summer heat and water loss during the summer. It can last up to 28 days if applied to dry foliage, however during rapid spring growth periods you should re-apply every two weeks. Rabbits and deer, even elk and moose find Bobbex repulsive.

1.42 litre RTU sprayer (Ready to Use)