Pest Control



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This easy to mix, water soluble powder is made from finely processed Kaolin clay, an edible mineral which is also used in toothpaste. When sprayed on fruit trees and bushes, the resulting powdery film provides insect protection be acting as a physical barrier. Currently it is considered the best organic product available to combat plum curculio, pear psylla, Japanese beetles and more. The white washed appearance can even be a benefit in other ways. In apples, for instance, it can reduce sunburn damage.

Although Surround WP is safe, effective, and economical, it is not entirely a joy to work with. The fine powder is dusty before mixing and afterwards your hand sprayer will need repeated shaking or agitation to keep the product suspended. Starting at petal fall Surround WP should be applied every 7-14 days, or sooner if a heavy rainfall occurs. Mix at a rate of .4-.8kg per 15 litres of water (1-2 lbs per 4 US gals). Thorough coverage is critical for good control.
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