Apple - Black Oxford B118 Large Semi-Dwarf -2


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A "second" will most likely have several cuts visible on the trunk. These are from low growing branches that were removed too late in the season. This means they have not yet had time to heal over properly. Lac Balsam has been applied to all cuts.
Please note: 2nd trees are covered by our standard guarantee.

Wildlife trees, by comparison, may be crooked, may not be identified, may be smaller or even left over from a custom graft.

A rare heirloom apple which is making a real comeback, it was discovered around 1790 on a farm in Oxford County, Maine. Records exist that indicate the original tree was still producing in 1907! Mid-sized deep purple fruit has a glossy black sheen when fully ripe. A great all purpose variety but truly superb for drying or cider. Long storage enhances this apple's sweetness, with peak flavour for the best eating by late winter. Black Oxford is somewhat slow to start bearing and like many older varieties it has a tendency toward biennial (every other year) bearing. It shows both insect and disease resistance.