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Updated Availability !!

Believe it or not we are already past the winter solstice, and that means the days are getting longer, and that spring is on its way!!!

It also means its the time of the year to put serious thought into your tree and plant orders if you have not already done so. There are very few things as rewarding as harvesting (and eating!) food straight out of your own garden, orchard, patio or urban space.

We have finished grading and counting our trees and plants and have updated the website with the latest availability. You can see that many of the items that were previously sold out are available again! If you were thinking you missed out on something - relax- because you may be in luck after all.

Order now, because we do sell out fast!

The Team at Whiffletree

New Items!
Currant - TIBEN 1 yr old
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Currant : BEN HOPE 1 yr old
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Lavender : PHENOMENAL 1 gal pot
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Lupine : GALLERY MIX 1 gal pot
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Whiffletree Farm & Nursery iswe believehome to the finest collection of fruiting trees and plants in Canada. Our huge selection of apples and fruiting trees, as well as other food shrubs and plants, have provided delicious harvests for thousands of Canadians, and they just keep growing!

Most of our trees and plants are sold as 'bareroot' (without soil) and kept dormant in cold storage until shipped. Shipping for most products is seasonal with fall and spring shipping.
Why Whiffletree?
We work hard to provide high quality stock from one of the finest collections of fruiting trees in Canada
All plants sent out are considered alive and true to name. If defective, we will credit your account for a replacement.
If you're new to fruit trees, we're here to help. Contact us and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

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