Wildlife Package : 6 APPLE


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Occasionally we develop excess of certain varieties, or sometimes a tree is disfigured or not perfect enough for a front yard. These make ideal candidates for wildlife areas or food forests. They will provide nourishment for deer and other wildlife, as well as for the one who planted them. These trees might come without name tags and we cannot guarantee names of any specific variety on these packages. If you would like a certain variety, you must order them from the main variety section.
Most packs are pre-bundled while sorting trees during the
winter. We cannot guarantee that all pollenizer needs are
covered within a Pack. Zone ratings and tree size (dwarf,
semi-dwarf or standard) are random. (If planting for deer or
wildlife we suggest planting dwarf trees deeper, with the graft
covered, so it becomes a full size tree.

1 pack or 6 trees $98.95