Seedless Grapes (Vitis) Seedless grapes are one of the most enjoyable fruits a homeowner can grow and in most cases are more profitable on a commercial scale than wine grapes. Although we select the very hardiest seedless varieties, they are (with the possible exception of Somerset and maybe Trollhaugen) somewhat less winter hardy than the old familiar Concord. They are of course also more rewarding to grow. Planting in an area protected from severe winter blasts is helpful. Grapes love the summer sun and will respond to all the protection and southern exposure you can provide. Bareroot plants
Photo courtesy of Vignes Chez Soi

Seedless Grape : MAGENTA 1 year old vine


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Elmer Swenson developed so many cold hardy grapes varieties that some of them almost got overlooked. Magenta (formerly known as E.S. 3-22-16) is one which somehow nearly missed the spotlight. These deep blue, mid-sized, slipskin berries are among the very sweetest with Brix levels around 23°. Both flavour and texture make this one of the better choices in hardy, seedless table grapes. Vine vigour and overall plant health are more good reasons to plant Magenta next to your arbor or pergola.



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