Rugosa Roses Strangely enough, one of the most beneficial of all landscaping plants is one that is known mostly for its flowers. Rugosa Roses are such nutritional powerhouses that it would take a lengthy article to expound on all the proven benefits. Compared to oranges, rose hips contain 25% more iron, up to 40% more vitamin C, 25% more vitamin A and 28% more calcium. In addition, rose hips are a rich source of vitamin E, selenium, B complex vitamins, biflavonoids, manganese and pectin. Besides all that, they also contain a high amount of naturally occurring polyphenols which enhance the immune system, eating up cancer cells and free radicals. Herbalists reach for rose hips to treat a whole host of human ailments and infections. Horse lovers will be interested to know some leading veterinarians recommend rose hips for improved blood circulation as well as hoof quality and growth. Imagine all this besides creating luscious landscaping solutions. Makes a fragrant, colourful and carefree hedge, blooming continuously through the summer. Rugosa roses are extremely hardy, salt tolerant and disease resistant. They are not fussy about soil types and enjoy full sun. We’ve selected varieties that are particularly well suited for jam, syrup, soup and tea as well as nibbling on fresh. Bareroot plants
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(Rosa 'ZleeltonStrack')
A new First Editions®, cold-hardy, climbing rose that has exploded in popularity because of its vigour, gorgeous apricot coloured blooms, and ability to thrive even in Zone 3 regions! Orange buds open in prolific clusters of five or more, semi-double to double, 8cm (3 - 3½") flowers with a pleasant, but mild fragrance. Although the main show is in June, it reblooms sporadically throughout the summer. Above and Beyond™ can be used as a large, free-standing shrub, but will climb over a fence or trellis up to 3 - 4m (10-14'). It is very resistant to fungal diseases.



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