(Rheum rhabarbarum) This old reliable may not be glamorous, but it actually is a wee bit exotic. Rhubarb is believed to have originated in Siberia and then carried across Asia on the Silk Road to Turkey before becoming known in Europe. Amongst Benjamin Franklin's more famous exploits and achievements, he also had a hand in introducing rhubarb to the American colonies. Besides being very easy to grow, it is welcomed as the first fruit of the season and provides a generous dose of numerous vitamins and minerals. One old medical volume declares that rhubarb "cleanses the blood and purifies the humours." The tender, juicy, chopped-up stalks can be used in all sorts of baking, cooking, jams and beverages. The large leaves are NOT edible. In fact, they can be stewed up to make an effective garden insecticide. Homespun wisdom provides the profound observation that rhubarb can be harvested in every month that does not have the letter "r" in it's name.

Rhubarb : CRIMSON RED 3 ¼" pot


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Crimson Red is noted for plump, fleshy stalks which are ruby-red through and through. With heavy yields, a well-balanced sweet/ tart flavour combined with the 'Crimson Red' colour it contributes to cobblers and pies, this seems to be as good a rhubarb variety as any you'll find.



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