Kolomikta Kiwis (Actinidia kolomikta) The kolomikta kiwi varieties are known to be hardy to -40C. Their highly decorative vines are more shade-loving and require less pruning since they are not as fast growing. They do start to bear earlier, sometimes in the second year. The fruit is smaller but starts to ripen earlier in the season and can be harvested continually over a longer time period. Bareroot plants  

Kolomikta Kiwi : PASHA™ 2 year old vine (Male)


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The recommended pollenizer for the Kolomitka females. It does not bear fruit. This may or may not be the same variety as the Arctic Beauty, but it does seem slightly more vigorous. At times it is even grown by itself as an ornamental for its beautiful tri-coloured foliage. The exquisite silvery-white and pink variegation will begin to show by the plants second or third season.



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