Juglans Family (Walnuts) The Black Walnut Neighbourhood As some of you already know, many plants simply do not grow well when planted close to a walnut tree. The roots of both the black and English walnut as well as the butternut give off a toxic substance known as juglone which eliminates their competition. It will kill most evergreens, as well as some fruit trees and a number of vegetables. Most grasses seem not to mind, and some plants actually seem to thrive. The following is a short list of some of the best neighbors for a walnut tree: Black raspberries, Grapes, Rugosa roses, High bush cranberries, Black locust, Goumi, Persimmons, Paw paws, Mulberries, Currants, Elderberries, Sweet corn, Beans & Onions. Some of the poorest choices include: Apples, Pears, Blackberries, Tomatoes & Alfalfa. Bareroot trees

Heartnut : IMSHU 100-180cm (3-6') grafted


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Nut trees, such as heartnut and pecan are very difficult to graft compared to fruit trees. Grafted heartnuts often start producing in 2-4 years. Early spring pruning is important for young heartnut trees to develop a proper 'central leader' type of tree form. Plant 2 different varieties for pollination or plant 1 seedling and 1 grafted tree.

The ‘Imshu’ name is a blend of ‘improved’ and ‘Schubert’. It originates from a Korean seedling which was brought home to the US by a soldier who served in the Korean War. This variety is now considered the best, hardiest heartnut with bountiful annual crops of medium sized nuts. Mature height 8-12m (25-40')



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