Haskaps (Lonicera caerulea) An attractive hardy bush, haskaps are the earliest berries to ripen. At first glance haskaps look like oddly shaped blueberries. Some consider the fruit to taste like a mix of blueberry and raspberry while other will disagree, arguing that the distinct sweet-tart flavour is difficult to pinpoint. Haskaps are very disease and pest resistant. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, haskaps are an unusual and unique berry perfect for our cold climate. Bareroot plants
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Haskap : BOREAL BEAST 30-45cm (12-18") plant


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Here is the newest development from the University of Saskatchewan program. With a long bloom period that starts when Boreal Blizzard starts, and ends when Boreal Beauty ends, the new Beast is the best pollination companion for either of them. It can also be paired with Aurora. Boreal Beast has excellent flavour and firmness with slightly smaller berries than Beauty and although it ripens a bit earlier, the fruit will hold onto the bushes longer. This allows the two to be harvested together or even planted in the same row. Both Beauty and the Beast have very vigorous, sturdy bushes which can reach 2m (6-7') in height and width. Boreal Beast fills an important spot in the late lineup for both commercial and backyard growers.



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Growing Tips

Haskaps Growing Tip

Although Haskaps are extremely hardy, they do seem to take more time to establish than most young plants. Since first year growth is rather slow, it is especially critical to maintain moisture levels and keep weed competition under control.