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EZ TRELLIS Rod Kit (10 clips


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The same EZ Step-In Posts can also be used to support your vine crops. Use less garden space and increase production by getting your cucumbers, beans, peas, and squash up off the ground. Trailing blackberries are another viable candidate for this system. Start with 2 posts 75-90cm (30-36") apart. The EZ Trellis End Cap Kit contains 10 trellis clips with rod clamps and nuts which fasten to the first post. The EZ Trellis Kit also includes 10 trellis clips with rod clamps and nuts (for the second part) plus 10 Epoxy-Fibreglass Trellis Rods which measure 90cm (36") by 13mm (½"). By snapping these rods horizontally onto the trellis clips every 15cm (6") or so, you now have a heavy-duty, light-weight and versatile trellis. If you have several plants in a row, you can easily add EZ Trellis Kits and EZ Step-In Posts every 75-90cm (36") for the length you need.

The main benefits of this system include:
- quick, easy set-up for annual crops such as peas or cucumbers
- fast dismantling after harvest for compact, tidy storage
- sturdy enough for perennial crops like blackberries or kiwis