Tree Protection and Support

EZ RING 20cm (8") EZ Ring


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These molded polymer rings come with a 10 year warranty against breakage. They are designed to attach to the EZ Step-In Post but can be used with any 12-20mm (½"-¾") round stakes or rods you may happen to have around. The 20cm (8") rings are ideal for tree support. In a public park or school setting it may be advisable to use 3 posts and rings for maximum protection and stability. Otherwise 2 or even 1 should provide adequate support. The same 20cm rings can be used for various other plants. 25cm (10") and 30cm (12") rings are also available which provide more space for blackberries, raspberries, peppers, and tomatoes, etc. You can keep adding additional rings every 20-25cm as the plant grows. Not only are you saving space in the garden, your plants will respond by stepping up both the quality and quantity of fruits produced.

This is one part of the EZ STEP PLANT SUPPORT SYSTEM

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One of the main advantages of the EZ Step system, aside from the rugged durability, is the versatility. The basic components can be used in various ways for the different crops. From year to year you can add components and change configurations. This system is in a totally different league than flimsy tomato cages, with the added bonus of much easier storage.