Edible Lilies (Hemerocallis spp.) Plant flowers to reduce the grocery bill? A strange thought to many of us, but again we can learn a lot from the Chinese. Popular delicacies in the Xian region of China, lilies are used in a wide range of dishes. The unopened flower buds are rich in iron. They are added to soups, stir-fries and stew. The flowers themselves add sweetness to vegetable dishes. Dried blossoms are high in Vitamin A and carbohydrates. Edible pods resembling green beans follow the flowers. Both work well in salads. In spring the young shoots and leaves are considered a delicacy and in the fall the crisp, nutty root bulbs can be eaten raw or cooked. Of course, you can also just let them grow and enjoy the visual benefits. Daylilies are carefree perennials that need little attention, are drought resistant and thrive in full or partial sunlight. A word of caution – not all daylilies can safely be considered edible. Our selections have a proven culinary history. Potted

Daylily : HAPPY RETURNS 1 gallon pot


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A popular, carefree variety that keeps coming back with cheerful, soft, buttery-yellow blooms. After admiring the fragrant, lightly ruffled 9 cm (3½") flowers, you can munch on the mild, crispy sweet petals. Enjoy them both ways today, for as the daylily name implies, each blossom only lasts for a day or so before the petals drop off. Plant height is 45 cm (18").



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