Evergreens The highly adaptable, hardy and resilient cedar is so common we tend to take it for granted. Perhaps it would command more respect if referred to by the proper name of 'Arborvitae', which means 'tree of life'. Traditionally arborvitae was considered purifying and used by Native Americans for colds, fever, cough, headache, skin disorders, swollen extremities, and rheumatic problems. The powdered foliage can be used as an insect repellant. Aside from the regular cedar (arborvitae) that seems able to thrive anywhere from swampy areas to dry, rocky sites, the Thuja occidentalis family includes all sorts of varieties with different shapes and sizes, developed in the landscaping industry. One of the most popular applications is for hedging. Potted
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Eastern White Cedar : FULL SPEED A HEDGE® " American Pillar" 1 litre pot


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(Thuja occidentalis 'American Pillar')
When plant breeder John Houser of Georgia discovered an unusual branch mutation on an arborvitae on his property, he realized he had found his 'one in a million shot'. This mutation was an ultra fast growing branch sport with a dense, narrow growth habit. John was so convinced of the stupendous potential of his discovery that he postponed his retirement at age 85, to start up a nursery based on it! He had his new 'baby' patented in 2009 as 'American Pillar', and since then it has steadily been convincing many others in the industry. Spring Meadow Nursery, a sizeable wholesale grower in MI, has recently devoted an extra 9 acres of greenhouse space to this one special variety!
So what makes this shrub so special? Full Speed a Hedge (American Pillar) is slightly hardier than Emerald Green and Green Giant (the most common hedging cedars) but what really sells it is the phenomenally fast growth. At a rate of 1m (3-4') per year, you can watch your living privacy screen become reality at a gratifying pace. In 5 years or so, it should potentially be close to the mature size of 4.5 - 6 m (15-20') tall and 90-150 cm (3-5') wide.
At the suggested spacing of 75cm (30"), 1 tray of 8 plants will buy you 6m (20') of all season privacy. You can even cut the spacing to 60 cm (24") if you desire a tight hedge sooner..

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