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BTK Biological Insecticide 500 ml Concentrate


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Although the main focus in recent years has been on gypsy moth caterpillars, BTK is also an effective weapon to use on tent caterpillars, leafrollers, tomato hornworms and such like. BTK refers to the active ingredient in this product–Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki. This is NOT a chemical pesticide, but a natural bacteria microorganism. As soon as caterpillars ingest it, they stop feeding and die within days. BTK can be sprayed on all trees– fruit, shade and evergreen as well as vegetable plants. Birds, animals and people are not endangered, but please avoid spraying milkweed plants, as monarch butterfly larvae feed on this plant only.

Mix 33 ml per 10 liters water and spray in late afternoon as direct sunlight breaks down the active ingredient.