Bee Friendly People are not only aware but incredibly concerned about the plight of our honeybees. How can we make a difference? Here is a fun and helpful way for everyone to get involved and do something. It makes a very safe and educational project for families with young children. We offer two native pollinators, known as the Blue Orchard Mason Bee and the Leafcutter Bee. They don't sting or produce honey, but they are considered the best species for pollinating tree fruit. Both types of bees nest in small holes and lay eggs that hatch out to pollinate your trees the next spring. They can do this year after year. Get started with a powerful permanent pollination force that can become the equivalent of a whole hive of honey bees! Available both as a kit and individually.

Bees : REEDS for Mason/Leafcutter Bee 25 pack


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Mason/Leafcutter Bee Reeds 25 pack

By early October your bee pupae for next season should be in your reeds. These reeds should now be removed from the bee house and placed into a plastic container* which can be stored overwinter in an unheated garage or basement. Put the reeds back in the bee house again when the first blossoms start showing in the spring. After the bees have hatched, these reeds can be replaced with new ones. *Punch small holes in container lid and store where temperatures stay above -10°C.