Apricot - Precious Mustang Semi-Dwarf - 2


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A "second" will most likely have several cuts visible on the trunk. These are from low growing branches that were removed too late in the season. This means they have not yet had time to heal over properly. Lac Balsam has been applied to all cuts.
Please note: 2nd trees are covered by our standard guarantee.

Wildlife trees, by comparison, may be crooked, may not be identified, may be smaller or even left over from a custom graft.

An exceptional, but very uncommon variety, it originates from an old tree discovered just south of Georgian Bay. Back around 1900 the Fruit Growers Association brought over some hardy apricot seedlings from Russia. This tree is suspected of being one of them. Small to medium sized fruit has thick yellow-orange skin, sweet melting flesh and an edible almond-like kernel in the pit. It is relatively late blooming, quite disease resistant and handles late frosts unusually well. A dependable producer in Quebec and the New England states.