Orchard Companion Plants The concept behind perennial companions is that it encourages natural processes that benefit the overall health and vitality of your fruit trees. It is essentially copying the forest’s natural state. A colorful assortment of different species all contributing to reduced pest and disease problems, increased soil fertility, and increased fruit production. Reserve a spot for these all-star plants around the perimeter of your fruit tree. Each one plays their own unique supporting role. Potted



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(Baptisia australis)
Another attractive and effective nitrogen fixer, it has vibrant, blue, lupine-like flowers in early summer. Also known as Blue False Indigo, it is a member of the pea family and you'll notice a marked resemblance in the foliage. With it's extensive root system it works well for erosion control and is quite drought tolerant when established.
Grows to about 100 cm (3-4') high and wide.



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