Orchard Companion Plants The concept behind perennial companions is that it encourages natural processes that benefit the overall health and vitality of your fruit trees. It is essentially copying the forest’s natural state. A colorful assortment of different species all contributing to reduced pest and disease problems, increased soil fertility, and increased fruit production. Reserve a spot for these all-star plants around the perimeter of your fruit tree. Each one plays their own unique supporting role. Potted
Photo courtesy of Caren White

Comfrey : BOCKING 4™ 8cm (3¼") pot


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Acts as a dynamic accumulator with a deep tap root up to 3 metres long (10') that draws minerals and nutrients from the subsoil into its leaves. Chop and drop the leaves three or four times in a growing season for an effective living mulch. Often planted around the base of a tree to suppress weeds.
Although most comfrey is considered invasive, this Russian type is not spread by seed. Disturbing the roots by digging up plants will instigate multiplication.
Bocking 4™ is rust-resistant and is noted for having the highest protein content. It is also the recommended variety for fodder, especially for poultry and pigs. Grows up to 60-90 cm (24-36”) tall.



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