Orchard Companion Plants The concept behind perennial companions is that it encourages natural processes that benefit the overall health and vitality of your fruit trees. It is essentially copying the forest’s natural state. A colorful assortment of different species all contributing to reduced pest and disease problems, increased soil fertility, and increased fruit production. Reserve a spot for these all-star plants around the perimeter of your fruit tree. Each one plays their own unique supporting role. Potted
Photo courtesy of Stonehouse Nursery

Cone Flower : PRAIRIE SPLENDOR 1 gallon pot


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(Echinacea purpurea 'Prairie Splendor')
Popular permaculture designer Michael Judd has echinacea as the pollinator in his companion plant quartet. He calls it 'the indigenous wonder' and likens the continuous bloomer to a gas station for bees, butterflies and beneficial insects who visit the fruit trees. In addition, echinacea's anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effects are well documented. We have selected this particular variety for it's exceptionally long bloom period (June to October). Deep rose-pink, swept-back petals surround the large copper-orange centre cones. Grows approx. 60 cm (24") tall and wide.



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