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Seven-Son Flower : TEMPLE OF


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(Heptacodium miconoides 'SMNHMRF')
Seven-son flower is a rare and unique small tree originating in China, and Temple of Bloom® is a Proven Winner® selection of this species with a more compact growth habit and earlier bloom time. This multi-stemmed fountain-shaped shrub is actually an important nectar source for late summer and fall. The fragrant, creamy-white flowers (which bloom in clusters of seven) open in August and continue for well over a month. Butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinator insects find them simply irresistible! When the blossoms drop, the Temple of Bloom® becomes even more attractive with showy clusters of rosy-red bracts or seed capsules for an outstanding fall display. Elegant, exfoliating bark makes this an appealing specimen, even in the dead of winter. Mature size is 2-3m (6-10') tall and wide.



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