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Mockorange : BLIZZARD 60-90cm (24-36") plant


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(Philadelphus lewisii)
'Blizzard' was the very fitting name chosen for this Alberta selection, both for it's extravagant profusion of pure white blossoms and for this fine plant's extreme hardiness. Mockorange derives it's name from the refreshing citrusy fragrance of the flowers. This particular branch of mockorange or Philadelphus species that Blizzard was selected from is native to western North America. It was noted by Meriwether Lewis in 1806 during the Lewis and Clark expedition and subsequently named 'lewisii' in his honour. Blizzard Mockorange provides a perfect bee and butterfly cafeteria as it blooms for the whole month of June, after many other plants have finished. Compact, carefree bush matures at 150cm (4-5') tall and 125cm (3-4') wide. It tolerates a wide range of conditions.



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