Haskaps (Lonicera caerulea) An attractive hardy bush, haskaps are the earliest berries to ripen. At first glance haskaps look like oddly shaped blueberries. Some consider the fruit to taste like a mix of blueberry and raspberry while other will disagree, arguing that the distinct sweet-tart flavour is difficult to pinpoint. Haskaps are very disease and pest resistant. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, haskaps are an unusual and unique berry perfect for our cold climate. Bareroot plants
Photo courtesy of Berries Unlimited

Haskap : BLUE BANANA   30-45cm (12-18") plant


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Although Blue Banana has some of the lively tang that haskaps are known for, it is probably the sweetest tasting variety developed thus far. Folks are going bananas over these King sized, juicy berries with exceptionally high sugar levels, and a flavour which has been described as 'smoked strawberry'. With high yields, good disease resistance and a bush size similar to Aurora and Happy Giant, Blue Banana is one of the newest Berries Unlimited varieties. It is the ideal companion for Aurora with high yields, good disease resistance, and similar bush size.



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Growing Tips

Haskaps Growing Tip

Although Haskaps are extremely hardy, they do seem to take more time to establish than most young plants. Since first year growth is rather slow, it is especially critical to maintain moisture levels and keep weed competition under control.