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Wildflower Seed Mixture : BUTTERFLY BUFFET 300 g pack


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This mix of mostly perennials with some annual seeds is specifically targeted to attract and nourish butterflies as well as all sorts of beneficial native pollinator inspects. Contains the following species; Purple Coneflower, Dwarf Sunflower, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Blue Flax, Blanketflower, Perennial Lupine, Clasping Coneflower, Cilantro, Mexican Hat Coneflower, Basil, Prairie Coneflower, Partridge Pea, Prairie Aster, Annual Lupine, Butterfly Milkweed, Crimson Clover, Dwarf Annual Lupine, Lacy Phacelia, California Poppy, Lemon Mint, Cosmos, Plains Coreopsis, Black Eyed Susan, California Bluebells, Bergamont/Bee Balm, New England Aster and Showy Primrose. One package will seed approx. 180 sq. meters or 2000 sq. ft.