Shrub Cherries (Prunus cerasus x Prunus fruiticosa) Compact and coldhardy shrubs have made commercial cherry production possible far north of normal fruit growing regions. These tough plants are on their own root, so there is no graft to protect. Bareroot plants

Shrub Cherry : ROSE 90-120cm (3-4') plant (Orchard Grade)


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'Lutowka' is the original name of this esteemed Polish processing cherry. When it came to Canada it was renamed the 'Rose Cherry', in honour of Canadian hockey broadcaster Don Cherry's wife Rose, who had just passed away. By either name and in both countries, this variety's rich and refreshing sweet/tart flavour profile is prized for freezing and pies, jellies and jam, juices and wine. If picking is delayed to the darkest garnet red stage, these meaty 5-7gram cherries are sweet enough for pleasurable fresh eating. Rose is the best cherry shrub for landscaping purposes too. It has the vigour to reach the full height of 2-3m (6-10') fairly quickly and it's tidy, fine stemmed form ages gracefully.