Currants (Ribes) These shade tolerant bushes produce an abundance of nutrient packed berries that are especially high in vitamin C. When eaten fresh, black currants have a very pungent and distinctive flavour that is definitely an acquired taste but they make the most delicious jams. The red, pink, and white varieties are much milder tasting. Bareroot plant

Red Currant : JONKHEER VAN TETS 1 year old plant


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A leading Dutch variety, it is considered by some to be the best flavoured of all red currants! Heavy crops of large, dark red berries are easy to pick. Early blooming makes it more susceptible to late frosts, so site selection is important. With a spreading growth habit it is ideal to train on a cordon or as an espalier plant. This mildew and aphid resistant variety does best out of the hot sun.



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Growing Tips

Currant, Gooseberry Growing Tip

Are the leaves disappearing on your currant or gooseberry bush in early summer? Most likely the currant sawfly larvae are at work. The British have a simple prevention that works surprisingly well. Spread a thin layer of wood ashes around the base of the shrub. Some local gardeners use straw and claim it works better yet.