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Japanese Lilac Tree : SNOWDANCE™


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(Syringa reticulata 'Bailnce')
Very few flowering trees can meet the 'hardy and trouble free' standard set by this eminent lilac cousin. Are the blossoms edible? Not to our knowledge, but they certainly provide a feast for the eyes in early summer when most other species have finished flowering Snowdance™ is a First Editions® selection prized for it's remarkably heavy bloom of large, fragrant, creamy-white flower clusters. Other improvements on the regular Japanese lilac include: blooming dependably every year, rather than every other, starting to flower at a young age, and darker, more lustrous green foliage. Snowdance™ makes a relatively compact, yet magnificent, shade tree, spreading to about 6m (20') wide and 5.5m (18') tall.



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