Figs (Ficus carica) The beloved fig needs no introduction to Bible readers or anyone who has lived in the Mediterranean region. It's home territory is hot and dry so obviously it needs a bit of help to survive in Canada. However, many people are convinced it is worth the effort to be able to pluck fresh, sun-ripened fruit from their own tree. While some folks in protected areas do grow them outside with elaborate winter protection strategies, they are, in most cases, much better off in pots. From the varieties that are most adaptable to container growing, we offer the ones with the best productivity and fruit quality. Figs as well as pomegranates are sub-tropical deciduous plants. They need a winter dormancy period in your basement or garage, with low light and temperatures in the range of 2-12˚C (35-55˚F) to promote bud formation. Potted
Photo courtesy of Raintree Nursery

Fig : NEGRONNE 1 gallon pot


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Also known as Violette du Bordeaux, this one hails from Spain. Small purple-black fruit with luscious, ruby red flesh are widely considered as the finest flavoured fig. Very productive, sometimes producing both an early and a late crop. A naturally small tree, Negronne is an excellent choice for patio or container growing.



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