Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) For thousands of years gardeners have eagerly awaited the tender asparagus spears which surface every spring. It's highly nutritious qualities and delectable flavour were well known to the Egyptians as well as the Greeks and Romans. It seems to have arrived in the New World with some of the first Europeans. An old advertisement dating from 1719 calls it 'English Sparrow-grass Roots'. Sparrow-grass or otherwise, it also makes a fine ornamental. Tall, light-green, feathery fronds which form after the spring harvest are sometimes used in cut flower arrangements. Like rhubarb, asparagus grows to perfection in the North. Another compelling reason to grow your own - asparagus is at its absolute best when travelling directly from the garden to the kitchen with no delays. We offer large, top quality crowns from Nourse Farms. Bareroot crowns

Asparagus : PURPLE PASSION 1 year old crown


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Large, deep purple stalk with a creamy-white interior has more than just an attractive appearance going for it. Sweeter and less stringy than any green variety, it is even tender enough to serve fresh in salads. When cooked, Purple Passion turns green too.

Single 1 year old crown $5.95

Bundle of 25 Crowns $85.00



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