Arguta Kiwis (Actinidia arguta) Sparkling, emerald-green flesh, jam-packed with nutrients, especially vitamin C and covered with a smooth edible skin – Arguta kiwi fruit is super for snacking but can also be used in numerous other ways. Arguta kiwi vines are very vigorous and will grow rampantly over arbors or along fences. They do tend to take a little longer to begin bearing, but after 4-5 years they start getting serious about it. With a sturdy trellis and regular pruning Arguta can yield over 100 pounds of fruit per plant – real commercial potential here! Plant 3-6 meters (10-20') apart. Bareroot plants

Arguta Kiwi : MEADER 1 year old vine (Male)


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A prolific flowering male for planting with the Arguta females. With it's extended flowering window, Meader provides pollenizing power across the board. It is named in honour of Elwyn Meader (1910-1996), who was an esteemed plant breeder and professor of horticulture in New Hampshire. Although Meader bears no fruit, it is sometimes planted solely for it's ability to quickly cover an arbor with beautiful, dark green, ornamental foliage.



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