Nut - Almond Javid's Iranian Mustang Semi-Dwarf - 2


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An outstanding, newer, self-fertile variety from Cornell University, White Gold is 'the Rainier of the North'. Very hardy Stella x Emperor Francis cross produces large, crack-resistent, yellow cherries with a shiny, crimson blush. Firm, clear, yellow flesh has excellent canning quality. Heavy yielding tree is a reliable pollinator for other varieties.

SELF-FERTILE | ZONE 4 | HARVEST: MID-LATE JULYIt's finally here - a real almond that can thrive in Zone 5, perhaps even in a very sheltered Zone 4! When we acquired this potential celebrity, we had some questions. Can the trees survive our winters? Will the nuts ripen here? Will the flavour be as great as it is 'cracked up' to be? In our own experience, with trees fruiting at several local sites, our answer is a definite yes on all three counts. The claims for high disease resistance and late bloom period also seem to bear out, so we consider it 'the real deal'! This intriguing variety originated in the mountains of northern Iran, finding its way to North America through an acquaintance of Kentucky nurseryman, Cliff England, named Javid Now it's yours to enjoy!