Gooseberry - Black Jostine 1 yr old plant


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This is a newer variation on the jostaberry theme. Jostine produces large, 20mm (¾"), jet black berries with a flavour which has been likened to a mix of Concord grape and cranberry, highlighted with a hint of plum. They retain the extravagant Vitamin C levels of the black currant, but lose it's muskiness, making them much sweeter for fresh eating. Jams, juice and cordials are just some of the other Jostine options. The robust, upright growing bushes are completely thornless and extremely disease resistant, reaching 150-200cm (5-6') at maturity.


Gooseberry x Current Cross
JOSTABERRY (Ribes nidigrolaria)
The word 'Jostaberry' was coined in the late 1950s by the German scientist Rudolph Bauer, who succeeded in creating a currant/gooseberry cross. He took the first few letters of both German names and combined them - hence Johannisbeere (currant) and Stachelbeere (gooseberry) became Jostaberry. The fruit itself combines some of the better qualities of both, yet somehow still remains quite uncommon outside of Europe.