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Landscaping with Fruit

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Apple Maggot Replacement Lures 1 set of 3 lures

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Orchard Sox Pack of 144

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Apple - Zestar! B118 Large Semi-Dwarf

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Whiffletree Farm & Nursery iswe believehome to the finest collection of fruiting trees and plants in Canada. Our huge selection of apples and fruiting trees, as well as other food shrubs and plants, have provided delicious harvests for thousands of Canadians, and they just keep growing!

Most of our trees and plants are sold as 'bareroot' (without soil) and kept dormant in cold storage until shipped. Shipping for most products is seasonal with fall and spring shipping.


With the vast array of fruits and flavours available (even for colder regions), there's a tree for you.

Small Fruit

Browse a variety of fruits, nuts, berries and more.

Orchard Supplies

We offer many supplies to get your orchard up and running, and to provide plants with vital protection, growth promotion, and health maintenance.


Whiffletree supplies commercial growers, hobbyists and home growers. If you're new to fruit trees, we're here to help. Contact us and we'll do our best to answer your questions.


All stock sent out is considered alive and true to name. Any stock that fails to leaf out will be replaced. Stock that leafs out but dies during the first growing season will be replaced at half the original price.
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