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At one time we used a third party to manage a Facebook page. We made the decision to focus our activities through this website and therefore eliminated the Facebook page.

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See ( for a selection of zone maps and additional information.

Plant hardiness zones help us to establish what we can grow and where. Zones are numbered from 0 (the coldest zone) to 9 (the warmest zone). Please use plant hardiness zone maps with caution. They are a good starting point but it is important to consider other factors when selecting plants. You may technically live in zone 4b but may have a little heat sink (microclimate) somewhere on your property that would bump you up to a zone 5A. Your own soil conditions, microclimate and topography will be equally important in determining the correct varieties for you. See ( for a selection of zone maps and additional information.

A "whiffletree" is a pivoted swinging bar to which traces of a harness are fastened by which an implement is drawn. The whiffletree is a vital component in any instance where a horse is hitched or fastened to pull a load. It must be flexible enough to reduce stress by moving back and forth at the ends, yet sturdy enough at the center pivot point to draw the load.

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